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CQ Press Online Editions migration to SAGE Knowledge 

Visit SAGE Knowledge now. 



1. Why did the CQ Press Online Editions (OEs) move from CQ Press Library to SAGE Knowledge (SK)

We have moved the CQ Press Online Editions (OEs) in an effort to streamline access of SAGE and CQ Press reference content. SAGE Knowledge also offers improved discoverability of content and more advanced navigation.


2. When did this move happen?

All titles publishing in 2013 and later will be available on SAGE Knowledge only upon publication. Titles which published in 2012 and earlier have migrated to SAGE Knowledge, as of January 2014. 


3. Which Online Editions have migrated?

All of CQ Press Online Editions have migrated to SAGE Knowledge as of January 2014, except the following OE titles:

  • Political Handbook of the World
  • Politics in America
  • CQ Almanac
  • Supreme Court Yearbook

 These books will remain on the CQ Press Library platform for the time being, given copyright and organizational restrictions.


4. When will the Online Editions no longer be accessible through CQ Press Library?

The CQ Press Library homepage will contain links to all of the titles that have migrated to SAGE Knowledge until June 2014. The Political Reference Suite (PRS) and Political Reference Suite for Schools landing pages will both redirect customers to the CQ Press portal on SAGE Knowledge.


5. What are the benefits of SK compared to the CQ Press Library platform?

  • Clean, easy-to-use interface
  • Improved citation tools
  • Full PDF download option
  • Improved search and refine search tools
  • Easy print and save search options


6. What is the plan for the CQ Press Library?

The CQ Press Library homepage has been re-designed to make the portal page cleaner and easier to find user tools. The following content will remain on the CQ Press Library homepage:

Content TypeTitle
Online Editions
Political Handbook of the World
 Politics in America
 CQ Almanac
 Supreme Court Yearbook
PeriodicalsAll Periodicals (CQ Researcher, CQ Weekly)
DataAll data products (State Stats, Local Stats, U.S. Political Stats)
Multi-Content Subject Collections
Congress Collection, Voting and Elections Collection, Supreme Court Collection, Political Affairs Collection, Encyclopedia of American Government


7. Will the URLs for books on CQ Press Library redirect to their new location on SAGE Knowledge? When will that happen?

Yes, the Online Editions that have migrated to SAGE Knowledge will now automatically redirect customers to SAGE Knowledge until they are taken off the CQ Press Library site in June 2014.


8. What if I purchased perpetual access to the Online Editions on Political Reference Suite?

You will have access to your content through the redirecting links on the CQ Press Library site until the takedown dates, at which time you will have access exclusively through SK.


9. Will MARC records and discovery services change as part of this migration?

MARC records for both frontlist and backlist titles will be available on SAGE Knowledge


10. How can I access usage reports?

You can access usage reports for any titles on SK through SK's reporting system and can continue to monitor your usage reports through CQ Press Library for the titles that will remain on that platform.


11. When should I update my proxy server?

You should update your proxy server as soon as possible, if you have not already.


12. Where would I access my content if I purchased an older title in 2013?

You will automatically get access on SAGE Knowledge only. The product page on the CQ Press Library platform will automatically redirect to SK until June 2014, when those links will be taken down.


13. Where will I be able to locate all my CQ Press Online Editions?

We have created a CQ Press portal within SAGE Knowledge that will show all the CQ Press titles available on SAGE Knowledge. The portal went live in September, 2013.


14. Will I be able to search across all my CQ Press products?

You can search across CQ Press products within SAGE Knowledge on the CQ Press portal page. You can search all of the CQ Press Library collections remaining on the CQ Press Library platform with the all CQ Press Library search.


15. Can I still purchase the same packages on the Political Reference Suite?

Yes, the Political Reference Suite will still be available for purchase. Click here.


16. How can I access all of my titles in a series, like Historic Documents or Congress and the Nation?

You can use the series links below as a single access point for all of the titles within the series:

Historic Dociments series

Congress and the Nation series


17. How would I order this content?

You can now order your CQ Press Online Editions the same way you order SAGE content. Email [email protected] for more information.


Do you have any other questions or feedback? Please contact: [email protected]