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CQ Press Subscription Agreement
How do I receive technical assistance for the online product I purchased?
Emergency Support

Troubleshooting Common Errors:

How do I receive technical assistance for the online product I purchased?

If you have purchased an Online Product from CQ Press and you require technical assistance, please follow the instructions below. Live online support is available Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 5:00 PM EST.

CQ Press Online Product Assistance Staff (Webhelp) strive to provide the highest quality and fastest service to our customers. To obtain technical assistance, please click here and complete a Webhelp form. Your request will then be automatically logged into our system and you will be issued a Webhelp ticket reference number. A support staff member knowledgeable with your particular issue will begin working to resolve your request immediately.

Completing a Webhelp form is easy and allows technicians qualified to provide assistance all of the information required to access your account and perform the research necessary to resolve your request quickly. Most requests are assigned and resolved in less than 15 minutes; however more complex matters may take longer. The technician assigned to your request will contact you by phone or email when your issue has been resolved.

Emergency Support

We know there are times you need immediate support or may not be able to access our Webhelp form. While our customer service representatives are not qualified to provide technical assistance, they can help you complete a ticket and provide the additional peace of mind that your emergency situation will be resolved quickly. Emergency Support is not to be used in lieu of submitting a Webhelp form. A Webhelp ticket reference number is required to receive Online Product Assistance. However, if you have an emergency situation, call 1-866-427-7737 and a customer service representative will complete a ticket for you and ensure your ticket receives immediate attention.

Troubleshooting/Common Errors

Below is a list of common errors and issues that may prevent access to the online subscription you purchased and how best to troubleshoot and/or find step-by-step recommendations on how to best resolve your issue.

Receiving a login prompt from within your institution


  1. Verify with your administrator that IP address changes have been submitted for your institution.
  2. Have your administrator submit a list of current IP addresses via Webhelp form.

I do not see all of the products I subscribe to


  1. Verify that you have an active subscription to all missing products with CQ Press Customer Service Department at 1-866-427-7737.
  2. If you have an active subscription, submit a technical assistance request to Webhelp form.

I am receiving a maximum concurrency/usage message


  1. If you receive an error message that reads "Maximum Concurrency/Usage Reached," this indicates the maximum number of simultaneous users allowed is currently logged into the site.
  2. Verify the number of local and remote users logged into the subscription.
  3. Click on the logout button and try to login again. You may have to wait a few minutes until other users have logged out of their sessions.
  4. Checking the save password option resolves this issue in most cases.

I am receiving a "subscription expired" message


  1. Verify with your administrator that you have a current subscription.
  2. If you are unsure of the status of your subscription, contact the CQ Press Customer Service Department at 1-866-427-7737 and a representative will assist you in obtaining this information.
  3. If it is determined you have a current subscription, submit a ticket to Webhelp for review.

My username and password are not working


  1. Verify that the save password option has not been enabled on the site or in your browser. If enabled, clear remembered passwords and login again.
  2. If still unable to access, submit a ticket to Webhelp and a technician will assist you in verifying your username and password.

Items I saved under my profile are not available when I log in


  1. When you are saving a document, be sure you click on the logout button instead of closing your browser to ensure your document is saved.

I am unable to access my trial subscription


  1. Confirm the term of your trial to ensure it is still active.
  2. For CQ Electronic Library trials be sure you are using the URL library.cqpress.com/trials
  3. For Staff Directory trials be sure are using the URL provided by your sales representative.
  4. If you are still unable to access, submit a ticket to Webhelp.

I did not receive a confirmation email after self-registration


  1. 1. Check your spam/junk email filter for possible rerouted emails.
  2. 2. Try using the log-in you chose for the subscription you registered. Be sure you are accessing the correct URL for the product.

How do I retrieve usage statistics?


  1. For CQ Electronic Library products, go to http://library.cqpress.com/securecenter. A username and password is necessary to access statistics.
  2. For Staff Directory products, submit a request to Webhelp for assistance. Provide your log-in information or IP addresses if enabled.

Where do I send IP address changes or updates?


  1. Submit a form with IP address changes or updates to Webhelp.

How do I set-up referring URL access?


  1. Submit a form listing each URL on your site that will link to a CQ Press product to Webhelp. Let us know whether you authenticate your own users, and any login information that we may need to access and test your site in order for us to confirm proper setup.

What are the minimum system requirements?


  1. 1. CQ Press web sites work best when viewed using the following browsers: Internet Explorer 6+ for Windows, Internet Explorer 5.1+ for Macintosh, Netscape 7.1+, Mozilla 1.6+, Opera 6+. Users who visit the site with browsers not listed above may experience problems viewing pages, printing pages, or using some functionality. * Adobe Reader 5.0+ is required to view PDF documents

What options are available for remote access?


  1. CQ Electronic Library subscriptions - referring URL, Barcode/ID number authentication, Username & Password and IP authentication(Proxy)
  2. Staff Directory subscriptions – login, and IP authentication (IP with online only subscriptions)

Receiving a “Page Cannot be Displayed” message


  1. Verify with your technical staff that the domain and/or IP address of the resource you are trying to access is not being blocked or blacklisted.
  2. Verify with your administrator that you are not using the secure protocol of HTTPS to access the site.
  3. If you still require assistance, submit a form to Webhelp.

How do I connect to your z39.50 server?


A z39.50 connection is available for all of our online reference products.  Please download this MS Word document for instructions on setting up the connection


How can I link from CQ Press online products to my OPAC?


  1. CQ Press uses OpenURL to connect to the OPAC. Please contact CQ Press to set up this connection. Please be sure to include your base URL in the message.