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Cover Image: CQ Press Congress Collection
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CQ Press Congress Collection


Updated quarterly with the best Congressional analysis available anywhere.

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CQ Press Congress Collection is a dynamic research and reference tool allowing historical analysis of members of Congress, their legislative voting behavior, interest groups, and their interactions in crafting public policy.

The Collection's database integrates encyclopedic entries, legislative policy histories, chronologies, statistics, biographies, maps, demographic and electoral data, and roll call votes in a well-designed and easy-to-use site.

Organized into four easy-to-follow sections:
  • Public Policy Legislation presents legislative histories and analysis under 23 broad topics-such as agriculture and national security-with hundreds of subtopics.
  • Members of Congress includes biographical, political, demographics, and electoral data about every member of Congress since the 97th Congress. It also includes links to each member's "CQ Key Votes" voting record, interest group ratings of the members, and much more.
  • CQ Key Votes are presented with a description of the specific vote and the vote outcome by political party and include links to the roll call vote, the full text of the legislation, and a state delegation vote map. This section also provides the ability to conduct advanced vote analysis by various demographic fields.
  • The Legislative Branch integrates encyclopedic information, statistical data, legislative analysis, and Supreme Court case summaries relating to the structure and powers of Congress and its relationships with other branches of government and the media.
Authoritative Information and Valuable Features:
  • "Map It" provides a visual representation of how state delegations vote on "CQ Key Votes." Selecting any state will link to the roll call vote of the state delegation.
  • "Map of Congress" visually displays the political party trends of the composition of the House and Senate.
  • "Current Committees" lists congressional committees and subcommittees, their members, committee jurisdiction, and contact information.
  • "Congressional Encyclopedia" explains over 250 topics and more than 900 terms are defined in the "Congressional Dictionary."
  • All the CQEL features like "Your Profile," "Favorite Documents," e-mail option, basic and advanced searching, CiteNow!™, remote access, usage statistics, and much more.

No other Web site has the functionality, depth, scope, and unique features that make this site such an outstanding electronic reference on the U.S. Congress. CQ Press Congress Collection supports course units on Congress and public policy, including the Advanced Placement course in American Government and Politics, and student research in political science and American history.

For Pricing of the CQ Press Congress Collection - E-mail [email protected]

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"The Bottom Line: CQ Congress Collection has a wealth of data, nonpartisan treatment and CQ's quality. It is a very impressive resource and highly recommended for libraries serving government researchers, students and citizens who want to follow the workings of the legislative branch. An excellent choice."

- Library Journal

"Information... is well organized, graphics and images are clear, and navigation is quick and easy....Highly recommended. All levels." - Choice
Winner of the Best Internet-based Product in Social Science 2003 PSP Award for Excellence from the Association of American Publishers.
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