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Cover Image: The Elections of 2012
  • Date: 03/26/2013
  • Format: Print Paperback
  • Price: $36.00
  • ISBN: 9781452239934
  • Pages: 220
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The Elections of 2012
Michael Nelson, Rhodes College

Bringing together top-flight scholars to reflect on and analyze all aspects of the 2012 elections, editor Michael Nelson’s The Elections of 2012 can be counted on to deliver a nuanced breakdown of the outcomes, implications, and consequences of yet another momentous political contest. Whether discussing particular races or taking a broader look at national trends, contributors captivate students with stories and political drama, yet weave in important scholarship and expert analysis. Each chapter, written specifically for this volume, offers readers historical perspective, as well as a forward look to implications for the political system.

Key Features:
• On an incredibly fast production cycle, this volume publishes just 5 months after the election, bringing needed insight and analysis of the 2012 elections.
• An expert cast of contributors.
• Tables, figures, and maps effectively display data and data analysis.

New to this Edition
• On an incredibly fast production cycle, this volume publishes just 5 months after the election, bringing needed insight and analysis of the 2012 elections.
• An expert cast of contributors.
• Tables, figures, and maps effectively display data and data analysis.

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Table of Contents

1. 2013 and Beyond: Barack Obama and the Perils of Second-Term Presidents
Michael Nelson
2. The Nominations: Ideology, Timing, and Organization
Barry Burden
3. General Election
Marc Hetherington
4. Voting Behavior: How the Democrats Rejuvenated their Coalition
Nicole Mellow
5. The Media: Different Audiences Saw Different Campaigns
Marjorie Hershey
6. Campaign Finance
Marian Currinder
7. Congress: Partisanship and Polarization
Gary Jacobson
8. The Elections and the Presidency: No Exit from Deadlock
Bruce Nesmith and Paul Quirk
9. The Meaning of the 2012 Election
David Mayhew

Michael Nelson, Rhodes College

Michael Nelson is the Fulmer Professor of Political Science at Rhodes College and a Senior Fellow of the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia. His recent books include: The Presidency and the Political System, 9th Ed., The Evolving Presidency: Landmark Documents, 1787-2010, 4th Ed., and The Elections of 2008. More than fifty of his articles have been reprinted in anthologies of political science, history, music, and English composition, including articles on subjects as varied as baseball, C. S. Lewis, and Frank Sinatra. He is also the 2015 recipient of the Neustadt Award, given to "the best book on the American presidency," by the American Political Science Association for his book Resilient America: Electing Nixon in 1968, Channeling Dissent, and Dividing Government.

Instructor Resources can be found here: http://college.cqpress.com/sites/partiesandelectionsir
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