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Cover Image: Encyclopedia of U.S. - Latin American Relations
  • Date: 01/24/2012
  • Format: Print Cloth
  • Price: $580.00
  • ISBN: 978-0-87289-762-5
  • Pages: 1248

  • Format: Online Edition
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Encyclopedia of U.S. - Latin American Relations
Thomas M. Leonard, University of North Florida
Jürgen Buchenau, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Graeme Mount, Laurentian University
Kyle Longley, Arizona State University

No previous work has covered the web of important players, places, and events that have shaped the history of the United States’ relations with its neighbors to the south. From the Monroe Doctrine through today’s tensions with Latin America’s new leftist governments, this history is rich in case studies of diplomatic, economic, and military cooperation and contentiousness.

Encyclopedia of U.S.-Latin American Relations is a comprehensive, three-volume, A-to-Z reference featuring more than 800 entries detailing the political, economic, and military interconnections between the United States and the countries of Latin America, including Mexico and the nations in Central America, the Caribbean, and South America.

Entries cover:

  • Each country and its relationship with the United States
  • Key politicians, diplomats, and revolutionaries in each country 
  • Wars, conflicts, and other events 
  • Policies and treaties
  • Organizations central to the political and diplomatic history of the western hemisphere

Key topics covered include:

  • Coups and terrorist organizations 
  • U.S. military interventions in the Caribbean 
  • Mexican-American War 
  • The Cold War, communism, and dictators 
  • The war on drugs in Latin America 
  • Panama Canal 
  • Embargo on Cuba 
  • Pan-Americanism and Inter-American conferences 
  • The role of commodities like coffee, bananas, copper, and oil 
  • “Big Stick” and Good Neighbor policies 
  • Impact of religion in U.S.-Latin American relations 
  • Neoliberal economic development model 
  • U.S. Presidents from John Quincy Adams to Barack Obama 
  • Latin American leaders from Simon Bolivar to Hugo Chavez

With expansive coverage of more than 200 years of important and fascinating events, this new work will serve as an important addition to the collections of academic, public, and school libraries serving students and researchers interested in U.S. history and diplomacy, Latin American studies, international relations, and current events.

"Needless to say, these volumes will be of value to students of American political sicence and U.S. foreign policy. However, Latin American Studies curriculums continue to grow in colleges and universities and with the histories of Latin America and the U.S. so interwoven, an awareness of the influences and interactions between the two is essential for a firm understanding of this discipline, as well. Given this, the Encyclopedia of U.S.- Latin American Relations has broader appeal than first realized. Collectively the set provides an historical perspective, as well as a sense of the current status of a relationship that is a key to understanding the development of Latin America. In short, it should prove itself to be a valuable addition to many academic collections." - Against the Grain

"This is a well-conceived, quality reference tool that will be an important addition in academcic and public libraries with collections in international relations and Latin America." - Choice
Best Reference 2012 - Library Journal

Outstanding Academic Title - CHOICE
Thomas M. Leonard, University of North Florida
Editor-in-Chief Thomas M. Leonard is professor of history emeritus at the University of North Florida.

Jürgen Buchenau, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Associate Editor Jürgen Buchenau is chair of the department of history at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Graeme Mount, Laurentian University
Associate Editor Graeme Mount is professor of history emeritus at Laurentian University, Canada.

Kyle Longley, Arizona State University
Associate Editor Kyle Longley is the Snell Family Dean’s Distinguished Professor in the school of historical, philosophical, and religion studies and school of politics and global studies at Arizona State University.
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