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Cover Image: Landmark Debates in Congress: From the Declaration of Independence to the War in Iraq
  • Date: 10/22/2008
  • Format: Print Cloth
  • Price: $180.00
  • ISBN: 978-0-87289-976-6
  • Pages: 449
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Landmark Debates in Congress: From the Declaration of Independence to the War in Iraq
Stephen W. Stathis, Congressional Research Service

Expert presentation and analysis of more than 50 pivotal historical debates, from the Declaration of Independence to authorizing war with Iraq


"If taxation is a badge of freedom, let me assure my friend that the poor people of this country are covered all over with the insignia of freemen."—Rep. William Jennings Bryan, 1894 

A fascinating look at history in the making—and an eye-opening presentation of some remarkably colorful rhetoric—Landmark Debates in Congress is a one-volume resource to more than 50 pivotal congressional debates. From colonial independence and individual rights to slavery, territorial expansion, and presidential powers, debates include the Bill of Rights (1789), the Revenue Act of 1894 (the origin of the income tax), FDR's court-packing plan (1937), Medicare and Medicaid (1965), Richard Nixon's 1974 impeachment, and the Iraq War resolution (2002).


"A depiction of real people struggling to solve real problems, this book helps to humanize 'the marble men'—and women—of our national legislative body. An appropriate purchase for any public or academic library but especially for those with strong American history or political science collections." - American Reference Books Annual

"Recommended for any library that serves students and general readers interested in the history and process of political deliberation in the U.S." - Booklist

"Many of the speeches were delivered before C-Span and have not had the impact that they deserved. CQ Press therefore needs to be applauded for bringing them together in this collection. This title is highly recommended for all libraries." - American Reference Books Annual

"This resource should find many applications in history classes and for some History Day projects. One especially valuable aspect of the book is that the opinions for both sides of an issue are presented, not just the side that won and influenced legislation." - School Library Journal
Stephen W. Stathis, Congressional Research Service

Stephen Stathis, a senior staff member at the Congressional Research Service, has spent more than three decades combing legislative sources in the Library of Congress and elsewhere to identify the most significant actions taken by Congress. He lists more than 1,300 bills that became law and treaties that were approved in his new monumental work.

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