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Cover Image: Producing Online News: Digital Skills, Stronger Stories
  • Date: 10/26/2010
  • Format: Book + Online Modules
  • Price: $73.00
  • ISBN: 978-1-4522-0273-0

  • Format: Print Paperback
  • Price: $51.00
  • ISBN: 978-1-60426-996-3
  • Pages: 358

  • Format: Online Module Set
  • Price: $48.00 for entire set

  • Format: Online Modules
  • Price: $4.00 per module
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Producing Online News: Digital Skills, Stronger Stories
Ryan Thornburg, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Save your students money! Package the book with all 12 modules and save them $16.

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Follow the author's blog at http://www.producingonlinenews.com!

The dazzling speed of change in online journalism can mask a simple truth: online news is still news. Cutting-edge technology benefits the audience only when journalists apply it in the service of good stories. Building on a foundation of news stories, Producing Online News shows students how to use the right tools to get the right information to the right people at the right time. The goal is to become a full-fledged online news producer and transform stories into a complete news experience for an ever more demanding audience.

Ryan Thornburg, a journalism trainer who has managed the websites of top news organizations, hones the skills students need to produce stories using multimedia, interactivity and on-demand delivery- online journalism's three pillars. Practical instructions show students not just how to use the tools but also how to make good journalistic choices in applying them. The book works for courses specifically in online journalism or for any journalism course that incorporates multiple platforms. 

Features that make for stronger stories:

  • TOOLS sections walk students through the latest technology- Twitter, Wordpress, Audacity, Caspio, Dipity and more- so their writing gains more immediacy and impact.
  • Real-world examples from both traditional outlets and new-style sites like ProPublica, PolitiFact, BeliefNet and Global Voices showcase journalists connecting with their audiences.
  • View Source boxes uncover the technology behind a specific news project-for example, how do just five editors at Yahoo News publish 2,000 stories a day?
  • News Judgement boxes explore journalistic choices- sure, students can link a story to anything on the web- but should they?

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ISBN: 978-1-4522-0273-0 Format: Book + Online Modules Retail Price: $73.00 Price to Bookstores: $58.40
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2300 N Street, NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20037
Table of Contents

Part 1. Foundations of Online News

1. Online News is Different
2. Online News is Still News
3. The Online News Audience

Part 2. Today's Tools and Techniques

4. Managing Content on a News Site
5. Editing News for Searchers and Scanners
6. Basics of Web Research: Cultivating Links, Cultivating Sources
7. Linking
8. Multimedia Reporting
9. Collecting and Using Data

Part 3. The Future of News

10. Journalism as Process: Blogs and Breaking News
11. Journalism as Conversation: Engaging the Audience
12. Remixing the News

This is a must read for every journalism student. It thoroughly and concisely explains how media is evolving at a frenetic pace, detailing the variety of new paradigms and skills that practitioners need to grasp and walking readers through a variety of relevant examples and case studies. The writing is precise and displays the author's deep understanding of both the academic and professional sides of our industry. - Rich Beckman, University of Miami

Fifteen years after the dawn of online journalism there is still confusion in many newsrooms and journalism schools over how online news is different. Does online mean anything goes? Does the mere fact that news is produced and distributed faster mean that it is inherently inaccurate? Will allowing the public to freely comment endanger the Republic? Online news is different just as television news is different from print. This is a textbook that walks students and Luddites through those differences in an accessible way written by someone who was there at the beginning. - Retha Hill, Arizona State University

It's high time for a text that specializes in online news production, a field in which there's demand for qualified journalists right now. A pioneer in this area, Ryan Thornburg does more than explain the latest tools. He offers useful, real-world examples of the challenges and opportunities facing today's online news producers. - Eric Ulken, University of British Columbia

Instructors wanting to incorporate a sea of new media concepts into the journalism curriculum will find inspiration and guidance from Ryan Thornburg, who has experience in both the theory and practice of journalism in the digital age. Drawing on real-world usage of RSS feeds, databases, APIs and more, Thornburg shows how these tools are applied to the fundamentals of journalism to create a more useful result for today's Web-savvy readers. - Derek Willis, Web Developer, The New York Times

Ryan Thornburg has assembled the disparate parts of multimedia, indeed distilled the concept of convergence, into an understandable and workable whole in Producing Online News: Digital Skills, Stronger Stories. With a clarity and conciseness of prose, combined with the experiences of a wizened journalist, Thornburg deftly shows how the new digital tools of multimedia—audio, video, text—can be employed to create, and grow, an audience for news; indeed, he has written a book soon to become the standard touchstone for those who teach journalism in the academy and those who practice the art and craft of journalism as working professionals in the news industry. - James Stephens, Tennessee State University
Ryan Thornburg, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Ryan Thornburg is an assistant professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Before joining UNC in 2007, Ryan spent 10 years in newsrooms working on developing new online editorial products and producing breaking national and international news stories for the Web. As a newsroom leader, Ryan led the integration of online and print staffers at U.S. News & World Report, launched CQPolitics.com for Congressional Quarterly, and oversaw The Washington Post's online coverage of the 2004 presidential election and 2003 invasion of Iraq.
Sample Pages

Like today’s best journalism, Producing Online News is a complete multiplatform experience. Chapters are linked to a series of online learning modules, which offer students an ideal environment to try out their digital skills.

Each module includes:

  • Interactive exercises with students writing, editing, and managing online content,
  • e-book version of the relevant chapter,
  • video screencasts with technology walkthroughs,
  • quizzes with automatic grading,
  • key term flashcards,
  • topical tip sheets,
  • examples of online journalism in practice.

Modules are available for purchase in a shrinkwrapped package with the book (saving your students $16), in a full online set or a la carte. Make your selection from these choices on the lefthand sidebar.

Access to modules and other CQ Press Journalism content can be found at our Journalism Portal, journalism.cqpress.com.